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Post Info TOPIC: A newbie; ex-commercial copter pilot, A&P retired defense contractor-BMEWS Project, Alaska

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Date: Feb 26, 2016
A newbie; ex-commercial copter pilot, A&P retired defense contractor-BMEWS Project, Alaska

Greetings:  I research-write and publish aviation & aerospace history, the latter in QUEST History of Spaceflight Quarterly on Cold War Secret boost-glider programs form the 1950s.  Published in 5 nations, and doing a "Frankinstein series that now has control of me...AAHS Journal, Arctic Ops, Secret Military Cold War Ops now on Part VIII.  This is Arctic Ops of Soviet Union, Siberia reconnaissance flights that were highly secret in post WW II, from Ladd Field.

I rebuilt a Brantly B-2 in Alaska...central interior, flew the heck out of it and had the time of my life enjoyment life; had a B-2B but was unable to complete it, bbut later, bought a Hughes 300B wreck to rebuild, then a Hughes 500, but it bankrupted me!

Anybody have a line on the Brantly Corporation's history files?  Are there any children of Mr. Brantly around today?  I have a huge collection of aircraft, aerospace projects, space art, helicopters, Soviet a degree anyway, etc., many Brantly images, but no historical details other than what is on the Internet-that is sparse, actually.

Also, searching for Kellet corporation's intermeshing rotors series, and their crane project sold to Hughes.  I would like to do a Brantly history if possible.

Always up for trades for reasonable quality images, drawings, etc. 

Also, a huge year long search in numerous archives, museums, etc., for specific modified B-29s (one-tail 871 had a 100 inch camera aboard), and 812 both were first B-29 Ferrets sent to Alaska on top secret missions...anybody who might have photos...full frame if possible, I will trade...have numerous B-29s and other war projects as well, to trade and will give credit.

Thanks and there are some revelations I knew not previous to joining this site!  Good fortunes.



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Date: Feb 27, 2016

Hai and welcome! wE would be more than happy to help you out and I think I can tackle some of these requests myself (but not right this moment unfortunately) you've definitely come to the right place and I hope taht what we have to offer will help in your research. I look forward to your contributions also!

hope you enjoy the forum. :)


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Date: Feb 29, 2016

Hey, a fellow aviation history writer! Welcome! Gonna have to check out your work sometime.

I'm afraid I'm not going to be much help on Brantly stuff, as my archive mostly consists of internet findings on that subject as well. We've had relatives of other designers drop in before, so hopefully that'll happen in this case. When you get to your Brantly project, be sure to include the B-2J10, which was an unbuilt project for a tantem-rotor passenger version of the B-2. It was shown in an issue of Flight a while back.

We definitely have lots of material for the Kellet eggbeaters and Hughes cranes as well, so be sure to browse the forum for updates on those.

So anyways, hope we can be of help and thanks for dropping by. Hope you enjoy it here.


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