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Date: Jul 17, 2015
Dornier rotorcraft designations
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Dornier Do 32 - Ultra-lightweight single-seat helicopter powered by a 100shp BMW 6012 turbine engine driving a cold-cycle rotor system. First flight 1962.

  • Dornier Do 32U - Radio-controlled drone developed from the Do 32 powered by a MAN-Turbo 6012L turbo-compressor.
  • Dornier Do 32Z - Two-seat variant of the single-seat Do 32 to be powered by the 250hp B.M.W. 6022 turboshaft engine. It was designed to fold into a compact form for transportation in a car-towed trailer. Unbuilt.

Dornier Do 32K "Kiebitz" - Tethered reconnaissance and communications drone with two KND T-212 cold-cycle turbo-compressors. First flight 1977.

  • Dornier Do 32 "Kiebitz II" - Second version of the "Kiebitz" platform with a KHD T212 or MAN-Turbine engine, and a larger rotor with tip-jet drive.

Dornier Do 132 - Five-seat utility helicopter with 580hp UACL PT6 A-20 turbo-compressor and tip-jets (hot-cycle). Mockup only.

Dornier Do 232 - ?

Dornier P 406 - Flying crane helicopter for carrying 40 tons, based on the Do 32 drive technology. Unbuilt.

Dornier P 407 - High-speed helicopter with pusher propeller designed in 1966 to carry 35 passengers. Unbuilt.

Dornier P 410 - 1968 design study for an attack helicopter for PAH-1 requirements, losing to MBB designs which led to the development of the Eurocopter Tiger.

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Date: Jul 19, 2015
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Do.232 was the original designation for Do.32K drone as it was derived from the Do.32 helicopter. Not to be confused with Do P.232/3 which was a derivative of Do.335 as a mixed-propulsion fighter and part of a different naming system.


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Date: Aug 7, 2015
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Source plz?

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