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Date: Jun 3, 2015
Bell Model 249 PAH-2

Special thanks to Fightingirish at SPF for the info:


In November 1981 Bell Helicopters presented their concept of an anti-tank helicopter, the Panzerabwehrhubschrauber – 2 (PAH-2), to the German Army. 
This concept was based on the Bell Model 249 Cobra. It had a 4-blade main rotor (a smaller version of the Bell Model 412 main rotor). It was powered by a single General Electric T700 engine with max. 1650shp. 
The Martin Marietta Target Acquisition and Designation Sights, Pilot Night Vision System (TADS/PNVS) is the combined sensor and targeting unit which was fitted on the nose. There were 4 stations on the stubbed wings to hold weapons like HOT anti-tank missiles, unguided missiles, Stinger A2A missiles, gun pods etc. Like other PAH-2 concepts at that time, this concept also did not have a central chain gun. Later on the AGM-114 Hellfire might have been integrated.
The Bell Model 249 PAH-2 would have been built under licence by Dornier at their final production site near Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany. At that site the Bell UH-1D were already built under licence for service with the German Army and German Air Force. The US Army in Europe also had their older AH-1 Cobra models upgraded at that site (AH-1Q’s to AH-1S’s ?).
In the early 80’s a Bell Model 249, actually a Bell AH-1S with a 4-blade main rotor, was tested at the Wehrtechnische Dienststelle 61 on the Manching Air Base. 
Pictures can be found at
In the same time period Agusta helicopters also presented the Agusta A.129 Option D (D= Deutschland/Germany?) to the German Army. It was basically a normal A.129 fitted the TADS/PNVS system.
The German Army were very interested in the TADS/PNVS system, because nearly all PAH-2 concepts like the MBB PAH-2, the Bell Model 249 PAH-2 and Agusta A.129 Option D had that system in the front fuselage.
Other helicopters concepts like the British Lynx or the French Dauphin/Panther with the side-by-side seating were cut out in this program. According to the German Army at that time, the side-by-side seating gave a poor all-around visibility.
Years later, Bell Helicopter proposed again a PAH-2 concept to the German Army. This time the concept was based on the helicopters AH-1W and AH-1(4B)W Viper as flown now by the USMC.

Pics from Interavia Germany, May 1982.


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