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Date: Feb 1, 2015
Mi-10P / PP
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(PP = Постановщик Помех = Postanovschik Pomekh = ? jammer)

ECM variant introduced in 1970 to assist front-line fighting aircraft by jamming enemy ground radar. It was equipped with hydraulic grips for carrying the 7,125 kg (15,710 lb) ST-9000 "Steppe" ECM module housing three "Bouquet" jammers for disrupting air defence and missile guidance radars by blanking their screens, and eight "Kidney Bean" response transmitters intended for creating false radar returns (basically displaying false target blips on the enemy radar screens). The module was also equipped with its own electric power supply system and a large radiator at the front for dissipating heat generated by the mission equipment.

The conversions were carried out at the aircraft repair plants in Rostov and Konotop, and costed 7 million rubles, almost six times more expensive than the original version.

Brony rotorhead
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