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Date: Nov 18, 2012
Isreal - Palestine conflict
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After months of missile attacks from Palestine, Isreal has stepped up and has massed armour and infantry regiments aswell as reserve forces along the border of Palestine, with air strikes already happening, a full scale ground incursion may be immenant. And if i remember correctly every country that ahs tried to fight Isreal has lost.

Take the Yom Kippur war for example where Egypt and Syria with around ~ 900,000 troops , 2900 tanks, ~ 3300 APC's, ~ 1720 Artilery units, 400 combat aircraft, 140 helicopters, 104 naval vessels and 150 SAM sites with 62 of those on the front line.

Along with Iraqi and Jordanian expeditionary units with 100,000 troops, ~ 670 tanks, ~ 700 APC's

and little old Cuba with ~ 4000 troops

supported by the Soviet Union, Saudia Arabia, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Cuba, PLO and North Korea

against Isreal with ~ 415,000, ~ 1700 tanks, ~ 3000 APC's, 945 Artillery units and 440 combat aircraft

only supproted by the good old US of A

AAAANNNNNDDDDD..........Isreal kicked absoloute ass and managed to intimidate every Middle eastern and Egyptian country who wants to attack them.


so my moneys on Isreal.


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Date: Nov 18, 2012
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I don't allow political discussions, and this is ideal flame fuel.

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