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Date: Jul 29, 2012
My story

Why do i feel so alone?

The question of my life. Every since i was a young child i never felt anything but alone, no matter who my friends were or who i was with i always felt alone. Maybe i'm destined to be alone? 7 billion plus people all walking the face of this world and with so many around i have never felt more alone.

Who are we to say as we do, to think as we do, to act as we do, who are we realy? In my opinion we are all connected in a way that makes us who we are. Scientis's say that we all originated from a single cell that replicated itself. If so does this mean that we are all related, all connected, all the same person? Those who follow religion say that we were all crafted by the hands of some grand being in the heavens, but if we are all crafted by a single person does that mean we are all the same any way?

What if all this was false, all we had was just an illusion created by our minds to our liking, our desires our preferences. A world we can change but we have just forgottend how to change what we have.

What if, the world we know is the world we choose for ourselves?

Why do i feel so alone?


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