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Date: Jul 7, 2012
Sikorsky S-70 export variants list

Thanks to Stephane:




ModelNameDateCountryQty. Details
S-70ABLACK HAWK1978United States  Military model for the export market.
S-70AFIRE HAWK United States  Firefighting variant of the UH-60L.
S-70A-1DESERT HAWK1990Saudi Arabia18 Royal Saudi Air Force, including one configured as VIP transport (or only 13?)
S-70A-1LDESERT HAWK Saudi Arabia8 Aeromedical evacuation version for the Royal Saudi Land Forces Army Aviation Command
S-70A-2BLACK HAWK1989Australia  Royal Australian Air Force
S-70A-3BLACK HAWK Spain   
S-70A-4BLACK HAWK Switzerland5 Flugwaffe (Air Force)
S-70A-5BLACK HAWK1987China, Philippines2 Philippine Air Force
S-70A-6BLACK HAWK Thailand6 Utility version (or only 2?)
S-70A-7BLACK HAWK Peru   
S-70A-8BLACK HAWK Brazil   
S-70A-9BLACK HAWK1987Australia39 Australian Army Aviation Corps, includes 38 produced locally by Hawker de Havilland
S-70A-10BLACK HAWK Israel   
S-70A-11BLACK HAWK1986Jordan3 Royal Jordanian Air Force
S-70A-12UH-60J BLACK HAWK1990Japan1 SAR model for JASDF/JMSDF (or 4 including 2 as kits?); also UH-60JA (1997)
 UH-60L BLACK HAWK1989United States724 also VH-60L
S-70A-14BLACK HAWK Brunei1 Royal Brunei Air Force, similar to the UH-60L but fitted out as a spiffy VIP transport.
S-70A-15BLACK HAWK Sweden   
S-70A-16BLACK HAWK United Kingdom1 Engine test bed for the Rolls-Royce/Turbomeca RTM 332
S-70A-17YARASA Turkey12 Turk Jandarma Teskilati (police/paramilitary police forces), including 2 VIP machines
S-70A-18UH-60P BLACK HAWK1990South Korea3 Republic of Korea Army & AF (100 planned); slightly modified S-70L with minor avionics changes
S-70A-19BLACK HAWK United Kingdom1 was to be built under licence in the UK by Westland as the WS-70; later cancelled
S-70A-20BLACK HAWK Thailand2 VIP version for Thailand
S-70A-21BLACK HAWK1990Egypt6 Arab Republic of Egypt Air Force (or only 2?)
S-70A-22BLACK HAWK South Korea3 Republic of Korea Army
S-70A-23BLACK HAWK Algeria  no details
S-70A-24BLACK HAWK1991Mexico6 Fuerza Aerea Mexicana (or only 2?)
S-70A-25BLACK HAWK1992Morocco2 Royal Gendarmerie (first batch)
S-70A-26BLACK HAWK Morocco2 Royal Gendarmerie (second batch)
S-70A-27BLACK HAWK1992Hong Kong3 Government Flying Service (or only 2?)
S-70A-28YARASA1993Turkey20+ Turk Hava Kuvvetleri; also S-70A-28D (second batch) (60 + 30 ordered in all)
S-70A-29BLACK HAWK Hong Kong  no confirmation
S-70A-30BLACK HAWK1994Argentina1 Fuerza Aerea Argentina
S-70A-33BLACK HAWK1997Brunei4 Royal Brunei Air Force
S-70A-34BLACK HAWK1997Malaysia2 Tentara Udara Diraja Malaysia
S-70A-36BLACK HAWK1997Brazil4 Aviacao do Exercito Brasileiro
S-70A-37BLACK HAWK2000Brunei2 Royal Brunei Air Force
S-70A-39BLACK HAWK1998Chile1 Fuerza Aerea de Chile
S-70A-41UH-60L BLACK
1992Colombia38 Fuerza Aerea Colombiana / PNdC
S-70A-42BLACK HAWK2002Austria9  
S-70A-43BLACK HAWK2001Thailand3+ Royal Thai Army (9 total planned by 2009)
S-70A-50PEACE HAWK > YANSHUF 21998Israel15 Israeli Defence Force/Air Force; means "owl"
S-70A-55PEACE HAWK > YANSHUF 32001Israel24 Israeli Defense Force/Air Force
S-70BVH-60N WHITE HAWK1988United States9 US Marine Corps VIP Presidential transport
S-70B-1HS.23 SEAHAWK Spain12 Fleet Air Arm, Spanish Navy
S-70B-2SEAHAWK Australia16 Royal Australian Navy-Fleet Air Arm
S-70B-3SH-60J SEAHAWK1993Japan2 Anti-submarine version for the JASDF (+ 101 built locally?)
S-70B-4SH-60F SEAHAWK United States  United States Navy
S-70B-5HH-60H SEAHAWK United States  United States Navy (or HH-60J?)
S-70B-6AEGEAN HAWK Greece16 Hellenic Naval Aviation military variant; blend of the SH-60B and F models.
S-70B-7SEAHAWK Thailand6 Export version for the Royal Thai Navy Air Division
S-70B-8YARASA Turkey12+ Turk Donama Havaciligi (16 or 17 ordered) (also found as S-70B-28)
S-70C-1BLUE HAWK Taiwan18 Republic of China Naval Aviation; also S-70C-1A
S-70CM-1THUNDERHAWK Taiwan7 Republic of China Naval Aviation
S-70C(M)-2BLUE HAWK Taiwan14 Search and rescue version for the Taiwanese Military
S-70C-2BLUE HAWK Brunei1 VIP version for Brunei (or SAR?)
S-70C-6SUPER BLUE HAWK Taiwan  Republic of China Air Force
S-70C-IIHEI YING China24 People's Liberation Army Aviation Corps
S-70D-28BLACK HAWK Turkey8 newly designed ****pit (or 30?)


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Date: Jul 7, 2012

do you know if they exported any PAVE HAWKS or are they stricly US?


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The HH-60P is a combat-SAR variant of the UH-60P currently in service with the Republic of Korea Air Force.

Theres was also a proposed "Maplehawk" for Canada as a SAR variant, but they went for the Agusta-Westland CH-149 instead.


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Date: Jul 19, 2012

Interesting list. Thanks Sting!!! smile


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