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Date: Jul 6, 2011
Nagler designations


R-I   Revoplane   single seat experimental helicopter
R-II   Revoplane   single seat experimental helicopter (1932)
(nd) Helicogyro   no details (1934)


NR 54   one-man portable helicopter
NR 55   one-man portable helicopter


XNH-1   Heliglider   strap-on' rotorcraft to cross rivers or other obstacles with two solid rockets at the tips of the rotor (1952)
XNH-2   Heligyro   similar to XNH-1 but added 2-cyl opposed engine driving a pusher prop (1952)
NH-120   ultra-light single-seater with two rotors: one main rotor with collective and cyclic pitch control, the latter by a hanging stick, and one smaller anti-torque rotor (1954-55) [N74054]
Model 130 Convertocraft*   convertiplane consisting of Aeronca K fuselage minus wings plus two-bladed rotor powered by six solid fuel rockets placed at the tip of each blade (1954)
NH-140   one-place light helicopter with two co-axial rotors and a 70hp McCulloch engine (1956)
Model 141   Vertigyro   (see VERTIGYRO VG-1 below)
NH-160   "single-seat helicopter, incorporating lessons learnt from NH-120, and while the general principle remains the same, the positions of the rotors were changed; two coaxial rotors, each on either side of the center of gravity (1955-56)"
NH-161   may have been a project to re-engine the NH-160 with a more powerful (85hp de-reated from 120hp) McCulloch
Model 193   Honcho   (Honcho 100)   one-place helicopter with AiResearch 85-90 gas turbine feeding compressed air to the rotor (1972)  [N1750Z]
Model 200   Yellow Bird   two-place derivative of Honcho 100 with Continental TC140 engine (Turboméca Palouste license)  (1973)


(nd)   modified from a PA-22 Tri-Pacer and fitted with a modified Brantly B-2 rotor (1960); entirely new tail with a small vertical fin and a horizontal tail plane with vertical end plates; only tested as pure helicopter [N598X]
VG-1**   Vertigyro   Piper PA-22 Colt aircraft fuselage with conventional engine; rotor system was driven by turbine engine, enabling craft to be flown as gyroplane, helicopter, or combination of both (Jan. 1964) [N5395Z] >> now Harry R. Van Giesen VG-1 [N2198L]
VG-2/C/P   planned production two-seat derivative of VG-1 (1970)
VG-4   four-seat derivative of VG-1


Model 202   two-place derivative of Honcho 100 with Solar-T-62-Titan gas turbine (1973)
Model 205   low-cost circulation-control rotor helicopter proposed to the Naval Air System Command in 1972
Model 217   Phoenix   pressure-jet design study using a steam engine powerplant
Model 228   Phoenix   homebuilt lightweight helicopter started by Bruno Nagler and continued by Heligyro Corporation (Scottsdale AZ); may later have been continued around 1977/1978 by Eagle Helicopter Corporation of Grand Island, Nebraska


Model 255   Shehana = SX-255      light helicopter with Allison 250-C20B turboshaft engine (1982)
Model 276   mid-1992 design to investigate the possibilities of using the pressure-jet principle in an attack helicopter
Model 280   four/five seat light helicopter
Model 281   ultra-heavy lift helicopter of the pressure-jet configuration
Model 325   Jetaire   developed from Model 280
Model 421   four-seat helicopter


Model 585   air pressure jet copter (= Air-Jet Rotor Helicopter)
PH200   single-seat prototype of PH-200-PJ, developed from Model 585
PH200-PJ   two-seat helicopter/kitbuilt

Other unidentified designations


* also seen as Convert-A-PlaneConvertoplane and XNH-5   
** according to the VG-1 used to be an SNCASO 1221S Djinn


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Date: Jul 6, 2011

My dear Stingray,


you forget the S11,it was a compound helicopter project.

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Date: Jul 6, 2011

"The VG-1 used to be an SNCASO 1221S Djinn"".
The only part of the Djinn used in the VG-1 was the rotor system, adapted to be driven by a piston engine/compressor combination. The VG-1 (registered N5395Z) used a Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer fuselage and u/c.


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Date: Feb 7, 2016



the Model-211 was developed from Honcho-100,but with two-seat.


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Date: May 11, 2016


in the book; Rotorcraft of the third Reich,they spoke about NR-53-I and

NR-53-II,as they were an enclosed canopy with undercarriage helicopters,

which they remained only a projects,does anyone hear about them or had

a drawings to them ?.









-- Edited by hesham on Wednesday 11th of May 2016 05:25:48 AM

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