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Date: Jun 7, 2011
How To Acquire A Gyroplane

User aerialvisitor of the RWF made this very amusing (and helpful) list of ways for those who wish to acquire a gyroplane: biggrin



Design your own gyroplane and scratch build it.

Acquire some gyroplane plans and scratch build it.

Buy a complete gyroplane kit and build it.

Buy a complete factory built gyroplane.

Buy an incomplete gyroplane kit and finish building it.

Buy a completely build used gyroplane.

Buy a gyroplane in partnership with someone else.

Buy a share in a gyroplane from a flying club.

Buy a gyroplane from an estate sale.

Buy two or three worn out gyroplanes and cannibalize the parts to build an operational gyroplane.

Buy an older cheap gyroplane and refurbish or upgrade it.

Buy it in segments as you can afford it.

Max out a couple of credit cards.

Get a bank loan.

Sell your assets to acquire the cash.

Trade your assets for a gyroplane.

Have a gyroplane willed to you.

Take a second job and dedicate the funds to acquiring a gyroplane.

Start an interest bearing savings account for eventually purchasing a gyroplane.

Buy a gyroplane at a sheriff’s or bank foreclosure sale.

Bid on a gyroplane at an auction.

Purchase a gyroplane as a legitimate personal business expense.

Have a gyroplane given to you out of friendship or repayment of a debt to you.

Marry someone that owns a gyroplane.

Start a 501 (c) 3 organization that requires a gyroplane, and get a grant.

Win it in a raffle.


- Please don’t steal one -


Can you think of another way? Please add it to the list. We don't want anybody's dream left unfulfilled.


Best wishes.

Dave Juwel


You can add more here, or you can visit the original thread and help him build the list over there:


lllll   As of 2019 I have transitioned; My name is now Rei. Please don't deadname or misgender me, thank you. <3   lllll

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