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Date: May 25, 2011
Secret Chinese laser weapon
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Currently in the world, Russia's leading position in the laser theory, laser weapons, the United States and Israel are leading the application, only the silent, 

U.S. Mature chemical laser weapons laser weapons, it is the use of large quantities of chemical substances produced stimulated emission of atoms is as light as the principle development. However, the chemical laser weapons in size, not mobile deployment. U.S. Air Force is currently developing the latest Airborne oxygen iodine laser weapons weigh 50 tons. 

In addition, the chemical laser is also full of chemicals Menguan car needs to as its "fuel." But with toxic chemicals Menguan car pulled into the theater is very dangerous, out of armor will be able to detonate bombs. And chemical laser weapon to stop firing, you must discharge the chemical heat it gives off heat signals are easily monitored by the other party, to become live targets. 

This is the United States in the laser weapons of thunder, little rain on the real cause of laser weapons the United States simply can not apply to the real battlefield, it can only be used as a kind of psychological and strategic enemy deter. In recent years, the U.S. military to focus on the solid-state laser weapon up. It is the use of special crystals produced by the stimulated emission light is made as to the principle, the structure is more compact, more energy issue. 

But applied to combat two major problems in the United States is technically not a breakthrough, high power solid-state lasers and targeting tracking technology (and now the missile tracking technology is completely different), the MW-class high power solid state laser (Note: 20 watts or more of the laser array limit U.S. exports to China and other countries) and high-speed intelligent control loop successful development of the Chinese offensive at a distance with a laser radar, developed in China from the aggressive super powerful laser radar! 

It not only thousands of miles of eye function, also has fast as lightning, strong spear unparalleled power of thousands of miles! Laser radar can detect targets at the moment directly after its destruction! Laser radar is a radar initiative, more than the traditional advantages of the electromagnetic radar, stealth aircraft will be reported in his clairvoyance undoubtedly leak. 

Remember the test site: a Chinese military expert from the old phone that targets thousands of miles away destroyed by the laser radar after the excitement, tears, big sky Hu: This is our weapon developed by the Chinese people! The best weapons in the world! ! 

This is the world's most sophisticated weapons acupuncture! That is why there was a famous Chinese strategic military experts in the media and say that: the United States dare to China? If it's stealth aircraft bombed dare to come to China to a knocked one, a left ...... we do not listen to what the Voice of America if the Note, may know that the U.S. seems to have sniffed out new weapons in China's information they are a bit do not believe that they are afraid to believe it! U.S. too provocative, too modest in China. 

If the missile technology in traditional China behind the United States is undeniable, because of China's late start, poor basic industries, combined with Western countries on China's military industry strictly limited. 

But the military in emerging laser technology, the starting point because of our little difference with the United States, so our research is a world leader, if not involve military secrets, 200x won the Nobel Prize, I am afraid will never be the Russian people, in quantum dot lasers of theoretical research, China has long been the leading position in the world. 

China's super-power solid-state laser is a world-class, use it to launch the laser beam can be obtained from 3 thousand kilometers 35K joules per square centimeter of energy density, this energy density than required for the missile attack nearly a damage threshold magnitude. As a rough projection, laser radar, China's effective attack over 30,000 km of mass destruction. 

China attacks lidar contains the world's most sophisticated 5 core technologies: 

1. Breakthrough in laser materials 

2. Laser radiation materials and imaging spectrum of the physical mechanism of the breakthrough 

3. A one-time fast-track positioning control technology breakthrough 

4. Reversible conversion of high density energy carrier material breakthrough 

5. Laser imaging technology breakthrough 

China attacks lidar volume is still very large, up to 10 tons, the lack of a strong transient super energy battery, sensitive to weather constraints, particles in the air and water vapor would seriously interfere with its energy and range, can only land-based and sea-based . How to mount attacks on satellite laser radar, is full of our current research goal is, if the exploration success, if our energy laser weapons, and then an order of magnitude, would attack the laser radar mounted on the moon! 

In 1999, the demo scene, a senior official joked that flew over Japan, northern China LEO satellite is see if I can try. The result is 2 Zhou Houxuan Japan announced its satellite missing. 

China successfully developed a new generation of laser weapons is internationally one of the most advanced laser weapons, which can effectively deal with frequently intruded into Chinese airspace surveillance of the "Aurora" was high-speed strategic reconnaissance; China's electronic jamming aircraft, F-can 117 stealth aircraft, laser-guided, infrared missile completely out of order. Magic Star Wars laser weapons as the U.S. plans to re-stage, China is also in 1990 quietly re-launched the laser weapons. 

China has gradually carried out Laser CO2 laser (electrical stimulation, actuation), chemical lasers, free electron laser and X-ray laser to explore, including CO2 laser, and chemical output power of up to million watts or more, the development of a broad prospects. In the light of laser damage, the Chinese laser thermal and mechanical effects of the extensive experimental and theoretical analysis, and achieved satisfactory results, improved understanding of laser damage to target. 

In 1996, China's new generation of powerful femtosecond laser system was successfully developed (China Academy of Engineering Physics). This indicates that China's strong laser technology also embark on a new level. This device is first used to study ultrashort laser precision devices, experts believe that China's successful development of its strong field behavior of the material and develop the way, is a major international research projects. 

Target of laser weapons with speed, firepower fast conversion, anti-high efficiency, information warfare will become the era of heavy weapons. Although international law prohibits the use of low-power laser blinding weapons, but some countries are secretly developing such weapons, among which the U.S. is showing blatant. 

China is also ready. 1995 Third International Defense Exhibition (IDEX95), the Chinese exhibited ZM-87 laser, the effective distance of 3 km, with a post-amplifier and further to 5 km, performance is not worse than the U.S. military. Therefore, China has the ability to deal with frequent activities in China, the United States coast, "Aurora" was high-speed strategic reconnaissance aircraft. 

Electronic jamming aircraft to F-117 stealth aircraft is hard to determine what 

U.S. F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter, is the world's active high-tech stealth aircraft, is the American ace of aces. During the Gulf War, the United States with this technology is far more than the Iraqi air defense system, high-tech aircraft, such as unhindered silently through the air in Iraq, an important line of defense, into Baghdad, dropping precision guided bombs, destroyed Iraqi Air Force headquarters building and communication. 

As a result, the U.S. military respected F117 stealth aircraft times to, thinking that their invincible. x However, in 1998 China International Defense Exhibition, one of China's stand arrayed with a few small things cold inconspicuous and allows all kinds of beautiful uniforms and dressed in every color of the eyes of Chinese and foreign visitors to see light. 

Although it is nothing to boast, but to deal with F117 stealth aircraft is a piece of cake. F117 stealth aircraft, although advanced, but it depends entirely on the ground attack two laser-guided bombs. Now China is developing into such a sophisticated jamming system, the aircraft came in a timely attack alarm, and automatically launch a variety of remote composite interference device, corresponding to the air-launched waves, laser beams, metal chaff, flash bang, smoke bombs, etc. can effectively interfere with the existing fleet of various air-missiles, make it impossible to hit the target. 

It can also interfere with the natural hidden aircraft missile attack. China's interference with this sophisticated alarm systems, stealth aircraft can make out attacks. 

The Chinese defense system x can be deployed at airports, ports, warehouses, bridges, command posts for all the important military facilities on the ground, with small price to pay to protect these military facilities were damaged. The jamming system is installed in the car and trailer can be any mobile, very flexible in the deployment. If Iraq and the Serb then the system, air-western Exact proud of attack will be difficult to implement, Iraq and Taiwan may not lose so badly. 

Chinese laser weapon technology may have made significant progress, some of which technology has been the armed forces. Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po reported, held in mainland China these days, Ma Zuguang deeds promotion of the Report of the activities, the Harbin Institute of Technology renowned optics expert before the publicity, its size, specifications and levels are high, food for thought. Ma Zuguang official spoke highly of the contribution 

Ma Zuguang Ma Zuguang, a student pointed out in the memories, "Ma Zhuren particularly concerned about the early high-power semiconductor lasers for practical use, widely promoted in the military field as soon as possible. In 1 year, we have made significant progress." 

CAS President Lu Yongxiang also praised Ma Zuguang: "The defense electronics applications were exploratory research, to promote the development of photonics technology, made a seminal contribution to the system." Officially recognized Ma Zuguang also represented by "team" , called for the development of lasers they laid a solid foundation. 

Ma Zuguang official assessment is that Ma Zuguang any issue involved, enough to make the world a military expert any heart - is the world's leading-edge technology for military struggle is between the space race, nuclear strike the forefront of technology, "so level of scientific workers in China, less and less, almost not. " 

Military analysts, China has focused on solving a number of military applications of laser engineering major issue requiring urgent solution, to reach other countries can not achieve the level and degree. Military experts, laser weapons are divided into two categories: one as a tactical weapon for the direct casualties of conventional war, destroying tanks, aircraft, tactical missiles, such as laser guns; A as a strategic weapon for use against ballistic missiles, space weapons. 

Organic load present laser weapons, ship-based and space are set out and so on. The Chinese recently developed a portable laser guns blazing, more transient people, dizziness, and temporary blindness, loss of resistance to be applied to counter-terrorism and riot. Button to the United States against the Chinese military "armed spacecraft -" Falcon "plan", the mysterious Chinese "space forces" are in full swing in the quietly born. In the "near future, China 'space forces' against the United States will become 'space forces' most powerful opponent" (Defense Language) 

Integrated from all receive the exact message the front channels are now several sets of options for the compilation of a friend you refer to military enthusiasts: 

A) The high-energy laser weapons at a distance 

For various considerations, our military super-power solid-state lasers this is a world-class (currently the world, only China alone this one), the highest state secrets, not secret propaganda has been 10 years. In fact, from 2.2 MW high power solid-state lasers, and 30 million meters per second speed, intelligent control loop of these two technological breakthroughs, so that our army attack at a distance with a laser radar, and the successful development of ultra-high-energy attack from laser weapons. 

It is precisely because the United States did not break these two technologies, resulting in almost no U.S. troops still remain in the role and significance of actual chemical laser weapon stage (directly jumps over the army at this stage)! 

B) anti-system "of U.S. satellites," the land-based systems 

China is ready to build a mobile land-based system that can temporarily interfere with the enemy's satellite-based communications, anti-communication system (counter-comldcnications) using powerful electromagnetic radio frequency, in a reversible way to suppress the satellite transmission. 

C) design a "near-Earth space vehicle" 

Near-Earth space vehicles is 65,000 ~ 325,000 feet (about 2 to 10 meters) between the airspace, most of the near-Earth space vehicle is the "floating platform" balloon or airship. In the "near-Earth space vehicle" to install the laser guns and electromagnetic rail gun, used to deal with such as "Falcon" and intercontinental missiles, satellites. D) China's "solar sail spacecraft," solar sail spacecraft, with eight spinnaker leaves, 16.5 yards per unit length, equipped with a rocket, into space. 

Then install the ABL high-energy chemical fluorine-iodine laser and beam control system on the incoming "Falcon" to intercept the beam control system that senses the target, select the aiming point, align the laser aiming point, ABL for boost phase detect and track ballistic, and use high-energy laser beam to destroy. 

E) "space bomber" will come out in the years after the space bombers, altitude 96 kilometers in altitude to accurately hit its ground, its speed is 15 times larger bombers. Can also be mounted "laser defense wall", 30 million kilometers per second, not bent, that it hit that. In the case of an emergency, they can dispenser "space debris bombs" used against the satellite and "Falcon" spacecraft, a bean-like Earth, "playing pieces" death star can crash. 

F) anti-"satellite weapons" 

Satellite weapon, with aggressive and can carry a small "killer weapon", which uses walk through objects in Earth orbit by the kinetic energy (speed is 7 times the bullet) is used to destroy satellites. 

G) Shenzhou "manned spacecraft" with attack capabilities have been 

Shenzhou spacecraft's military role, far more than symbolic significance as it is. If the spacecraft launch a nuclear bomb, the U.S. NMD will become a decoration, interstellar interceptor missile did not achieve the role, at present, China is breaking barriers zone (the stratosphere) aspects of a very fruitful experiment, simulation test can be carried out soon . Can also deploy THEL, the host is a 400-kilowatt deuterium fluoride chemical laser, the reaction time is 1 second, firing frequency is 20 ~ 50? N minutes. 

In fact, the laser weapon is our secret weapon back. Who decides when and where to whom the trial is essential. We believe that Japan or the United States will become the test products. 

Some Western commentators to China's space warfare strategy is divided into two types: one is the so-called "defensive strategy", that is, through diplomatic means to deter potential adversaries promote the efforts of the militarization of space; the other is "offensive strategy" is through the deployment of space weapons to protect their own interests in space. We seem more concerned about the offensive strategy.

Last month, China's Long March II C with a rocket to a small satellite and a micro-satellite into the Queen Mother, the Western military circles for the Chinese anti-satellite weapons program concerns reached a new height. According to U.S. military judge, in 2010 China will have two to deal with anti-satellite near-earth orbit satellites means: 

The first ground-based laser devices and even high-power laser blinding weapons, the U.S. Department of Defense since 1998 to the annual report on Chinese military power has been stressed; the second is based on KT-1 rocket, with a small or micro-satellites Direct attacking interceptor anti-satellite weapons.

The so-called KT-1 rocket in the DF-21 medium-range missiles based on the development of a four solid-fuel rocket is a small mobile space launch vehicle (referred to as SLV), which allows China to be chosen at random rocket time surprise enemy attack satellites. 

According to Western media reports, China's DF-31 ICBM is being developed based on the KT-2 rocket, and the DF-31 intercontinental missile developed based on the alpha-KT-2A rocket, the two solid fuel rocket motor that aimed at geosynchronous orbit and polar orbit, while the United States many "sensitive" the satellite is in the orbit. 

Some Western military experts believe that China Academy of Space Technology is developing a "parasitic satellite", which can be small or micro-satellites KT series of rocket launchers, through artificial objects attached to the enemy on the implementation of interference or damage to, or through direct impact, used to attack the space station, space-based laser systems and other satellites. China's "Missile and Space Vehicles" magazine also discusses how to use global positioning technology to determine the height of micro-satellite near-Earth, the magazine will be in three years time, open a special column to discuss how to attack satellites in space.

U.S. military communications, reconnaissance and surveillance systems rely heavily on space, space facilities, in fact, the U.S. military's most important "nodes" (Node) one. Therefore, in the future of Sino-US war, China will attach great importance to space warfare. As long as space-based systems capable of destroying the United States, it means the feet hit the Achilles heel after it made the battlefield advantage for China has a crucial role. 

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Date: May 29, 2011
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Bogus report on nothing more than a Chinese take on Star Wars.

Alan Dallas

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Date: May 29, 2011
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Deleted a pic that had nothing to do with the report. AG, quit with the copying of random crap. :P

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