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Post Info TOPIC: List of 3rd generatin MBT's from 1975 to 2011

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Date: May 3, 2011
List of 3rd generatin MBT's from 1975 to 2011

Listo of 3rd Generation MBT's in alphabetical order

  • Al-Khalid, Pakistan/China
  • AMX-56 "Leclerc", France
  • Arjun, India
  • C1 "Ariete", Italy
  • FV4030/4 Chalenger I, United Kingdom
  • FV4030 Chalenger II, United Kingdom
  • K1, Republic of Korea
  • K2 "Black Panther"
  • Leapord 2, West Germany
  • M1 Abrams, United States
  • Merkava III, Isreal
  • Merkava IV, Isreal
  • PT-91 "Twardy", Poland
  • T-80, Soviet Union
  • T-84, Ukrain
  • T-90, Russia
  • Type 90 "Kyu-maru", Japan
  • type 10, Japan
  • Type 96, China
  • Type 98/99, China

3rd generatin MBT's still under development

  • CSU-152, China (prototypes currently in testing)
  • Arjun MK-II, India
  • M1A3, United States
  • MİTÜP Altay, Turkey
  • Type 99KM, China (Prototypes currently in testing)
  • Leapord 2A7, Germany (planed upgrade for Leapord 2A6)

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