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Date: Apr 21, 2011
Inner Feelings and Honest Thoughts

A fan story set in Justice League Unlimited, it's a psychological view of the realationship between Batman and Wonder Woman, leading into its final resolution.

Original story.

T: Some violence, mild sensuality, and thematic material


(Started: 3/2/11)


 Diana. How could I describe the person citizens know as Wonder Woman? She's a remarkable woman, shes a valued friend, and she's...and, well, I wasn't sure what that last part was going to be when I told this to Jon Stewart (Green Lantern), because Diana was standing right behind me at the time. Admittedly, I did feel somewhat embarrassed. I much as I loved Diana, I felt it was wrong. I couldn't pursue a relationship with Diana.

 I haven't met or known a woman much like Diana since Rachel Dawes. Throughout most of my life and in my earlier days as The Batman, she was the one woman I cared for the most, but then, I lost her to the Joker while I, Jim Gordon, and his police squad tried to save both her and Harvey Dent.

 Meeting Diana, getting to know her, and realizing my feelings for her, I just couldn't start a relationship with her. I didn't want my enemies to use her as my weakness. I mean, she's a strong woman who can take of herself is situations of peril, but that doesnt stop me from caring for her and her well-being.

 But something about her did bring up a more positive feeling I haven't felt in years. Was it her understanding, courageous and friendly personality, or was it just something that had to do with her baby-blue eyes and overall beauty. Whatever the reason, in the end, there are just three simple words I have to say: I love Diana.


 Of all the men in the Mans world I've come to know, Bruce is by far the most intriguing. Bruce wasn't like Superman, who had powers equal to my own and was reasonable and friendly, and he isn't like Wally West (Flash), who, in some likeable way, never really acted mature and occasionally flirted with women (even with me at one time). Bruce seemed much more secluded from the League, and he never really seemed that much of a positive thinker.

 But knowing his tragic past, I, along with the League, can understand why he has this persona. Besides, the tragedy didnt turn him psychopath. He knows what hes doing and he does what is right.

 I guess the thing that I like about Bruce is that he has a high intellect and hes probably the bravest man Ive ever met. He never gives up hope, either. He even tried to save me when everyone thought I was dead after being nearly crushed by an incoming missile.

 With that in mind, I dont think, I know that Bruce does have some deeper feelings for me. I love him just as much as he loves me. I just wish he wouldn't deny that from him or me.



 "Hi, Bruce", Diana said kindly.

 Both she and Batman had met in one of the corridors of the Watchtower. Batman looked at Diana.

 "Hey." replied Batman in his usual monotone voice.

 "Say, Bruce?" said Diana, "I wanted to ask you something."

 "What's that?"

 Diana put her arms around her back.

 "And want you to be honest with me, how do you truthfully feel about me?"

 Batman's eyes briefly widened. He hesitated.

 "Well, I think of us as good friends."

 Diana just looked at him, slightly disappointed. She knew how the Batman really felt about her. She thought of putting the Lasso of Truth around him, but she scrapped the idea right away. She didnt want the truth forced out of Bruce. She preferred to let Bruce to admit the truth by himself.

 "Is there a problem with that?" Bruce asked, somewhat curiously. Diana closed her eyes.

 "Look, Bruce, I know that you and I are more than just good friends. I know how you really feel. Why are you denying yourself of that?"

 "I'm sorry, Diana, but I'm just not going to discuss that matter."

 Diana opened her eyes as Batman started to continue walking down the corridor. She wasn't about the let him just walk off.


 Batman stopped. He turned to face Diana, who was looking at him sternly.


 "Bruce, I'm not letting you walk away from this! Why in the name of Zeus won't you tell me that you love me?"

 At this, Batman responded, "Because I cant."

 Diana just stared at him, stunned.

 "Dont you understand? I cant be in relationship with you because--"

 "Because of common sense", Diana interrupted, now angered and hurt, "Well look here, I appreciate your reasoning, but you shouldn't let common sense pull you away from your feelings!"

 "What are you trying to say here, Diana?!" yelled Bruce, his voice rose, "Are you saying I'm a coward for keeping my feelings from you?!"

 Diana could've said "Yes" to this, but she didn't.

 Diana's expression went from angered to sadden. She finally spoke. "Love for someone is what ultimately makes you stronger, Bruce. Not weaker." They stared at each other, with Bruce's expression becoming less tense and more apologetic. "That's what Im trying to say here."

 She turned and started to walk away, but then she looked back at Bruce. Batman caught the brief glimpse of a tear welling up in Diana's left eye as she turned away and left him there in the corridor, alone.

 Why did I have to be so damn ignorant? Bruce thought sadly.



 Three days had past since Bruce and Dianas argument. Batman hadnt shown up at the Watchtower since. The League knew that Batman usually would not show up unless his assistance was needed, so this didnt bother them. But Diana was concerned. She never meant to get angry with Bruce, and she had a feeling that he felt sorry, too.

 She decided to check if he was alright. She started up the engines of her Invisble Plane and flew towards Earth.

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Cool story. Keep it up.

Flying a plane is no different from riding a bicycle. It's just a lot harder to put baseball cards in the spokes.
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