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Post Info TOPIC: Patent Regs regarding DOD careful all!

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Date: Jan 17, 2011
Patent Regs regarding DOD careful all!
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There is an unknown patent regulation that allows government contractors...Sikorsky, Bell, whomever. to violate patent rights if it is for a government contract. So, if you have a design or plan to design, keep it civil. But truth be told, if they want it....they'll get it. They usually change something small and patent the difference. It happended to an friend of mine who is also an independent inventor. Joe Moylan (formely Joe Morris) I have the Patent PDF regs AIPA laws, but I have not sifted through all of the pages. I found out through my friend Joe. His story is at my web site: and click on the "JM2G" tab. He and his co-inventer got the "dirty end of the stick" from Sikorsky and Boeing who acquire McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems (MDHS)
Great web site here at Stingray's rotorcraft. If any of you want the AIPA PDF I can send it to you.




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Date: Jan 17, 2011
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This is very good to know, thanks for posting! And yes, pleaese I would be interested in seeing the PDF. Post here if possible.


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