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Date: Aug 15, 2010

Designation list from Stargazer2006 at the Secret Projects forum (edited for this one):

B-1 Bensen's first gyrokite design, done under G.E., made of mixed wood-metal construction using a "teetering rotor"
B-2 developed under General Electric, no details
B-3 found as the "Bensen-General Electric B-3", no data
B-4 SKY-SCOOTER project developed under General Electric, US Navy HEPARS (High Efficiency Propulsion And Rotor System) (1955)
B-5 GYRO-GLIDER, single-seat rotor-kite towed into the air at around 30km/h; obtained its lift by the flow of air over its autorotating rotor (1953)
B-6 GYRO-GLIDER, development of B-5
? MID-JET, a miniature single-seater helicopter for use in the Navy, using the rotor of the R-6 (1954)
B-7 GYRO-GLIDER, further development of B-5 (1955)
, powered autogyro versions of the auto-kite
B-7MC no details
B-8 GYRO-GLIDER, development of B-5/-6/-7 series; more sturdy construction; available as a factory-built machine or in kit form for amateur construction
B-8B GYRO-BOAT, unpowered flying dinghy for towing by motorboat, boat-type hull, twin outrigged stabilising floats (1956)
B-8B GYRO-BOAT, version replaced the overhead stick with a conventional rigged joystick
B-8 SUPER BUG, advanced version of standard B-8M with twin-engine installation to spin up rotor prior to take-off (1971)
B-8HD GYRO-COPTER, based on SUPER BUG design, used hydraulic drive to feed about 4hp from engine to rotor (1979)
B-8M GYRO-COPTER, motorized version available as a factory built machine or in a kit form for amateur construction (1957)
B-8MA AGRI-COPTER, agricultural version fitted with a hopper
B-8MH HOVER-GYRO, hovering gyro-copter; water-cooled outboard engine driving lower of 2 rotors; upper one autorotates (1976)
B-8MVN no data
B-8V GYRO-COPTER, version of B-8M with a 1600cc Volkswagen engine
B-8W HYDRO-COPTER, twin-float version of the B-8M; also found as B-8MW
GYROCOPTER, X-25A (X-25 DDV) test vehicle based on B-8, part of USAFs Discretionary Descent Vehicle (DDV) program (1968)
GYROCOPTER, X-25B (X-25 DDV) test vehicle, converted to power from a gyro-glider and was first to fly (1968)
B-9 LITTLE ZIPSTER, light-weight single-seat helicopter with a 60 or 70hp Mercury engine and twin 2-blade coaxial rotors (1958)
B-10 PROPCOPTER, VTOL tandem-rotor flying platform; boxy frame with 4-ft. props mounted vertically on front and back (1958)
B-11 GYROCOPTER, all-metal upgrade of B-8H with 72hp McCulloch was powered by six independent kart engines
B-11M KOPTER-KART, apparently the same plane redesignated
B-12 MAGIC CARPET (SKY-MAT), manned flying platform for possible ag operations, made of aluminum framework, 10 engines (1961)
B-13 70hp Mercury outboard motor marketed kit version, first flew on March 4, 1963 (1963)
B-14 helicopter with a more efficient engine-propeller combination generating up to 420 lbs. of thrust
B-15 no data
B-16A GYROCOPTER, two-seater was, in effect, two B-8M Gyrocopters bolted side by side; 24-foot four-blade rotor (1970)
B-16B twin snowmobile engine, fitted on tri-skis, two 48-inch overlapping propellers, driven independently
B-17 no data
B-18 helicopter, no data
B-19 GYRO-GLIDER, latest kit version of the 'Gyro-Glider' series
B-20 GYRO-KOPTER, engined version of B-19, may be powered by as little as 45 hp (e.g. Rotax 503) or as much as 70 hp
FLYING TRACTOR, no information; perhaps another name for prototype B-12 agricultural flying platform

Gravity doesn't exist. The Earth sucks.

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Date: Aug 15, 2010


Gravity doesn't exist. The Earth sucks.


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Commander31 wrote:

B-16B twin snowmobile engine, fitted on tri-skis, two 48-inch overlapping propellers, driven independently


Popular Mechanics also calls it the B-16S.


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