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Date: Jun 15, 2010
Hunting-Percival helicopter designations


Hunting Percival P.74
Hunting Percival P.91
Hunting Percival P.105
Hunting Percival P.105 flying crane

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Date: Nov 26, 2015

Designation list of rotorcraft only (everything else carefully weeded out).


P.62 - ?

P.63 - ?

P.72 - General-purpose helicopter (?)

P.74 - Eight-seat helicopter with tip-jets powered by two Napier Oryx gas-turbine engines. Loaded weight: 10,000 lbs. One prototype (WK998 - other sources use the military XK889 serial, so which is correct?) was built but failed to fly due to the underpowered engines. It was promptly scrapped.

  • P.104 - Proposed variant with non-laminar-flow rotor blades. Unbuilt
  • P.105 - Proposal for an alternate variant with the 825hp Napier Oryx NOr.4 turbine generators moved above the cabin to become a universal hub for various fuselage options (described below). Prototype planned to fly in 1958. Unbuilt.
    • Air ambulance.
    • 10-seat passenger transport. Exhibited in model form at the 1955 SBAC Show, Farnborough.
    • P.106 - Proposed derivative of the P.105 power hub for a flying crane variant.
  • P.113 - Proposal for an improved variant with a Rolls-Royce RB108 engine and redesigned rotor system. Unbuilt.

P.76 - ?

P.78 - Military helicopter (?)

P.79 - Military helicopter (?)

P.86 - Design study for a 40-seat helicopter to meet general BEA requirements as a passenger transport. Reportedly to be powered by two Eland engines.

P.90 - Military helicopter (?)

P.91 - Proposed candidate for Air Ministry Specification HR 144T for a two-seat Air Observation Post and liaison helicopter for the British Army. Was to have a two-blade rotor with Saunders-Roe pulse jets. Lost to the Fairey Ultra-Light helicopter.

P.96 - Project derived from the P.74 offered to the US military. Abandoned due to lack of interest.

P.98 - Project for ASW helicopter for Air Ministry Specification HR 149 (RCN).

P.102 - ?

P.104 - See P.74

P.105 - See P.74

P.106 - See P.74/P.105

P.108 - 14-seat helicopter project. (?)

P.110 - 20-seat helicopter project with two Oryx engines. (?)

P.113 - See P.74

P.114 - ? (hypothesized to be a tandem-rotor crane/pod for Silver City Airways) - to be powered by the Rolls-Royce RB108 engine.

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Date: Nov 26, 2015

Awesome list Stingy. Didn't know that the P.105 flying crane had its own designation.


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