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Date: Jun 1, 2010
Forum Rules (V.3)
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No political / religious discussion, even in the off-topic sections.

Keep your posts as family-friendly as possible - Refrain from using excessively vulgar language.

No double-posting - This is replying to your own post just to get peoples' attention or to increase post-count. However, double-posting is allowed if you are contributing material that would otherwise not fit into one post.

No pointless posts - Basically just saying one word or not saying anything at all in your posts, usually for the same reasons stated in the above double-posting rule.

Have good grammar and spelling when posting messages (no chatspeak!) - Example: Posts should look like this: "Hi, how are you? This is a cool design." NOT like this: "hi how r u dat is cool dizine." This rule mostly applies to younger users who tend to over-do this kind of 'text message' grammar.

Also, please do not type in ALL CAPITOLS. Use upper and lower case.

Stay on-topic

Make an effort to post in the correct sections - Study the forum sections. Don't overwork the staff into moving posts you've made in the wrong sections.

Search the forum before you start a topic - It might already exist somewhere!

Post a link to your web sources when uploading images or quoting text - if your source is a magazine or book, please type the name of it as well as the author(s).

Advertising in the 'For Sale' and 'Useful Links' sections is allowed, as long as it is rotorcraft related, but obvious spam will be removed.

Only one account per member - If you are caught creating multiple accounts, all of them will be banned from using the forum for however long the staff sees fit. The duplicate accounts will likely be deleted while the original remains registered.


No backseat moderating - It's our job to enforce rules around here, NOT yours. We are the only ones with the powers to do so. We do not care if you are an Admin/Mod at another site, this is obviously not your jurisdiction. And please do not ask us to become an Administrator or Moderator. That's our own choice.

However, if you notice a violation that staff missed, please report it via personal message and we will take care of the problem ASAP. Please do not reply to posts violating the rules.


Current Admin(s):

Stingray (Webmaster/Administrator)

555 (Deputy Administrator)

Current Mod(s):

Italian Dragon (Moderator)

Leela25 (Global Moderator)


Please obey these rules and everyone will be happy members here. Thank you. wink


-- Edited by Stargazer2006 on Monday 9th of May 2011 09:27:26 AM

-- Edited by Stingray on Sunday 9th of March 2014 09:01:41 PM


As of 2019 I have transitioned; My name is now Rei. Please don't deadname or misgender me, thank you. <3


Posts: 3381
Date: Jun 1, 2010
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I would also like to add that any type of slang should be used sparingly. This is an international forum, so some members will either not understand it or be offended by it.


As of 2019 I have transitioned; My name is now Rei. Please don't deadname or misgender me, thank you. <3


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Date: Sep 9, 2010
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Avatars are the small graphics below a member's username, to the left of their post. It is a picture to personalize their post and is a great way to visually recognize a member without looking at their username. Please do not choose an avatar that is obscene. Also please do not change your avatar frequently. Choose one you wish to keep a while, but if it must be changed then I advise that you to at least do so in a few weeks after your original choice. Frequently changing avatars are annoying and distracting.



Signatures are another way to personalize a user's post, and it is located at the bottom of their post. It may consist of text as well as pictures. However, the total size of a signature must not exceed this limit:

If they do exceed the limit, they become very distracting and will be removed. Do not use inappropriate images and text in your signature. All image formats are supported.

-- Edited by Stingray on Monday 3rd of June 2013 03:28:10 AM


As of 2019 I have transitioned; My name is now Rei. Please don't deadname or misgender me, thank you. <3

Former Deputy Administrator

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Date: May 9, 2011
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There is a special arrangement with Secret Project Forum member that we can freely take his scans and information for inclusion on our forum. That is very nice of him and I certainly appreciate that we can enrich Stingray's forum (and later the website too) with that very rich sum of material.

However, I have also noticed that an increasing amount of posts in OTHER sections have reproduced material from the SPF: fixed-wing aircraft, Fukushima accident and the likes. Please do NOT repeat or reproduce posts from that forum or any other website WITHOUT consent from the original authors or unless you are the author on both forums. Please do NOT make an arrangement with an SPF (or other) member to reproduce whole texts and images from their posts WITHOUT letting the team here know about it.

I would hate to have to lock or edit posts here, but I think this duplication thing is going a little bit too far at times, and there is really no reason for this, especially when the subject is NOT rotary wing aircraft. In most cases a simple link to other resources is more than enough... And if the topic on the other forum is in a "members-only" or "senior members-only" section that can't be accessed with a simple link, remember that there is most certainly A REASON why it was done that way and respect the other website's intentions!



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